Text Messaging Features

The text-messaging feature (link to Text Messaging feature list on voice page) is only available with a voice plan because it functions through the voice network.

Messaging Unlimited  - Unlimited messages $8.00/month

Messaging 1500 - 1500 messages $5.00/month

Messaging 200 - 200 messages $0.00/month


Cellular Data Rate Plan

When purchasing a data-capable device, you may select from the following plans:

Enterprise Unlimited Data Plan $23.40 (Originally $45.00)

Enterprise Unlimited Data Plan with Tethering $28.40 (Originally $65.00)

Data Connect Unlimited Data Plan for iPad and Data Only Devices $39.99 (Originally $65.00)

If you subscribe to a data only plan, a monthly account management fee of $3.25 per device will be added to the discounted monthly charges listed above. This fee is already included in the monthly charge for the voice plans.