About Communications Resources (CR)

Communications Resources' (CR) mission is to support the university's teaching, research and public service functions through the provision of a suite of modern, reliable, secure and cost-effective telecommunications services.

CR Organization Chart

Communications Resources consists of the following units, each contributing services to the departments of the campus:

Office of the Director

This unit provides overall direction and strategic planning for Communications Resources, functions as liaison with the Office of the Vice Provost for Informational and Educational Technology, oversees the overall budget for the department and represents the campus in external telecommunications and networking activities.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

This unit provides the operation, maintenance, security, help desk and repair functions for the communications infrastructure, including the voice network, data & wireless networks, cable television system, 800 MHz radio system, video conferencing network, and manages connectivity to the Internet and advanced service networks such as Calren2 and Internet2.

Network Services and Engineering (NSE)

This unit is the "front door" or entry point for all telecommunications and networking service requests and billing. It also provides campus operator services, manages the online directory, markets the CR suite of services, manages the department's campus relations and outreach efforts, manages campus cell sites and oversees the department's website and publications. In addition, this unit is responsible for the long range planning, design, engineering, and technical advancement of the campus communications infrastructure and manages the communications system design guidelines and specifications, estimating, planning, and inspection services for capital construction projects and major building renovations.