IET-Communications Resources Rolls Out CISCO VoIP

IET-Communications Resources has begun the process of bringing VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) service to the campus. This new internet-based phone service will replace the current analog telephone system, and it will be rolled out systematically, building by building, department by department. We are developing a deployment schedule, and will work directly with departmental ATRs when deploying the new phones to their departments. We have completed a number of initial installations, and are using customer feedback to improve the service and our implementation process.  Our representatives will contact department ATRs well in advance of their VoIP conversion to provide detailed information on the changes and to work out cutover scheduling for their department.

What’s in it for me? 

The new CISCO VoIP system has three independent, yet interconnected parts:

  1. The phone with voicemail
  2. The web – there are two web portals, one for managing your voicemail, and one for managing your phone’s features
  3. The Jabber softphone for your computer and/or mobile device


Feel free to download these documents and review them at your leisure. 

Note: The software described in the information below WILL NOT WORK, and the web portals WILL NOT ALLOW ACCESS, until you have a new phone in the CISCO system.  

Welcome to VoIP



Telephone Quick Start User Guide – CISCO 7841

Telephone Self-Care Portal Link - 
(Note: Log-in with your Kerberos ID & Passphrase)

​Telephone Self-Care Portal User Guide - Download 


Voice Mail User Guide – Download

Unity Voicemail Web Inbox-
(Note: Log-in with your Kerberos ID & Passphrase)

Unity Voicemail PIN Reset - Download

Web In-Box user guide - Download


CISCO Jabber

Click here to view Jabber configuration instructions.


Common Good Assessment for Voice & Data Services

The process for how several university-provided services (such as Voice and Data Services) are funded changed in 2016.  This information applies to organizations with Chart 3 or S accounts. For information on the Common Good Assessment please refer to the following for help:

Budget & Institutional (BIA) Common Good Assessment website